Who is subject to DOT testing?

Any person designated in DOT regulations as an employee who provides security-sensitive services is subject to testing Drug and Alcohol Department.

Which are the drugs that DOT tests for?

DOT drug testing is only done using samples urine. These urine samples are tested for the following drugs or metabolites.

• Marijuana metabolites (THC)

• Cocaine metabolites

• Amphetamines (including methamphetamines)

• Opioids (including codeine, heroin, morphine)

• Phencyclidine (PCP)

What is considered refusing to take the test?

DOT regulations prohibit you from refusing to take a test. The Following are some examples of behaviors that according to the regulations configured are considered as refusing to submit to the test.

  • Failure to appear for a test after your employer has instructed you let him do it.
  • Not having a second test when instructed.
  • Failure to provide urine or breath samples for any test required by federal regulations.
Will my results be confidential?

Your test results are confidential. No employer or agent of services (for example, test labs, MRO or SAP) can make known to third parties their test results without your written consent. However, information about your tests may be disclosed (without your consent) at certain situations, such as court proceedings, complaints or administrative proceedings that you initiate or are initiated on your behalf due to a positive result or refusal of the test.

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