Built from a drug and alcohol manager’s perspective, Nexus leverages technology to reduce 60-80% of manual processes to automate the routine so your team can focus on the exceptions.


Having different sources of information to run an operation can prove costly and ineffective. When depending on separate sources of information, this opens you up to information being incorrectly captured and in some cases the information is missed. Your solution should be able to capture the pertinent information (new hires, schedules, testing, etc.) from your different sources and have them easily displayed in one location. By centralizing your information, you can efficiently run your day-to-day operation in a more succinct manner.

A Compliance Management System (CMS) should be able to give you accurate reporting at any given time. Real-time reporting is key to running an efficient program but more importantly, it is also crucial to ensure a safe operation. Reporting can also assist your Safety team by adding data to better predict possible trends which is almost impossible when your operation is extremely manual. Dashboards that accurately display information that you deem critical empower leaders to make important decisions.

Implementing a new Compliance Management Systems (CMS) is a sizable financial commitment. To achieve a substantial return on your investment, you need a system that not only automates tedious manual processes but optimizes them for efficiency to provide significant economic value and a tangible return on your investment.

Organizations have specific needs, terminology, and processes and your solution should be easily configurable, and customizable, to meet your complex operational goals. Just as important as flexibility of your solution, the scalability of your solution should be just as easy.

Randoms, follow ups, new hires, post-accidents… The ideal solution should be an ally and alert you when important events are happening such as a new hire being added to the organization or when a new test has been performed on one of your employees on your random list.

Your Compliance Management System should be intuitive, have great performance, be easy to use and can customize the views for your diverse users. Your internal, and external users should be able to view what is pertinent to their functions.

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